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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What is the 'Stiletto Network'?


   Yesterday, I was passing by the business section of Barnes and Nobles when I saw a book that caught my attention. “Stiletto Network” is a book, that was housed in the business section, with the cover decorated with the legs of women in stiletto high-heel shoes. Now, those who have seen me traveling recently know that the design of my suitcase and traveling bag is a cascade of shoes.  My love of shoes prompted me to further investigate. Curiosity got the best of me as I posed my first question,“What is the ‘Stiletto Network’?” My next thought was that it looked out of place next to books covered with businessmen in business suits.

     My investigation into the meaning of the title revealed “Stiletto Networks” are groups formed by professional and influential women.  The women, who are representative of different industries, work together to promote the interests of their members.  As the writer describes, “Stiletto Networks are not about titles…[they] are about trying to make your own personal dent in the world”. The titles of these groups: the “Harpies”, “Babes in Boyland” and “Chicks in Charge”, amuses me as they communicate how these women are overcoming the gender barriers that exists in their industries.  The more I read the introduction, the more I came to understand that the very same group that I previously advertised (DEBOW) could be categorized as a “Stiletto Network”.

These groups are networking opportunities that provide women the opportunity to use their collective intelligence and expertise from different industries to uplift and motivate one another. They gather together in a relaxed environment to celebrate accomplishments,discuss relevant issues, and compare notes. These ladies leave these gatherings motivated to put into action what they have learned or motivated to overcome challenges that they are facing. Some of the ways these networks help their members is through, “…the provision of information, an introduction, a recommendation, a partnership, or through the provision of a landmark deal”. Many prominent women are part of these networks, and they have attributed some of the victories they experienced to their friends.

     After reading the introduction, I had to purchase the book. I personally enjoy the opportunity to develop, uplift, or motivate other women in their pursuit of their dreams. I am interested in learning of ways that these executives and influential women have done the same. I say enough with all the negative stories of those who have the “crab barrel” mentality and hate to see another woman become successful. It is time for us to pull each other up and develop that “Stiletto Network” that can open doors in the lives of others.

     I suggest that every woman become a part of one of these organizations.  Isolation never cause anyone to be successful, it is the power in numbers that empowers the members of a group to be successful.

As I continue to read chapters from this book, I will be posting my thoughts for the interested reader. We can all benefit from the wisdom gathered by this writer as many of us pursue professional development in our areas of interest.

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