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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Consciously Choosing Your Own Demise?

If you had the chance to prevent your own personal development of a life threatening disease, would you take advantage of the opportunity? 

The response to this question by many may very well be, “Of course I would”. The question seems to be simple; however, thousands of men and women make conscious decisions that challenge the advice of medical professionals and members of the scientific community. The challenge comes in the form of not making quality decisions that will improve their overall health.

Why do people make conscious choices make unhealthy decisions that will ultimately lead to their own demise?

I remember reading a blog post by well-known actor/screenwriter Tyler Perry after the passing of his mother. He disclosed that his mother knew that she developed type 2 diabetes. She was aware of the opportunities to reverse the effects of this disease through changes in diet and exercise. She did not make the necessary lifestyle changes although her loved ones advised her of the need to do so. She ultimately passed due to complications that stemmed from the disease. Many individuals can relate to this story as they remember loved ones who were in a similar predicament.

There are those who are in a state of denial of the imminent health risks they are facing when they do not follow the advice of members of the scientific community. To many, the ability to improve their health is a mental stronghold that is not easy to overcome. It becomes a battle to improve their health that will have to begin in their mind as they come to terms with the reality of their situation. It is a daily battle to make quality decisions that will lead to improving their overall health.

There are many options available for those who are struggling with these decisions. Mental Health professionals can assist with understanding behavioral patterns that can assist in making necessary changes to improve health. Support groups are another option that will help individuals to face the challenges of changing unhealthy behavioral patterns. A noteworthy alternative would be to find someone who can relate to the struggle. All of these options can enable the individual to become empowered to make the necessary changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

It is important for these individuals to realize that they are not alone. There are others who have made conscious choices to change their lifestyle in order to save their life. These individuals need to know they have the capability to make the same decision. They need to know that they can become equipped with the tools needed to overcome their fight, and they are not alone in their efforts.

If you are struggle with weight management or health issues, check out “The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind”. This webinar experience will highlight some of the biological, psychological, and social factors that account for healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Obtain a free personality assessment as a registrant to this webinar.  Learn about the underlying motivations that can guide decisions towards lifestyle changes.

Monday, November 25, 2013

How Daring Are You?

     I am excited about the webinar, "How Dare You...Dare to Be YOU!" It is an opportunity for people to gain insight into themselves and their ability to set appropriate boundaries in their life.  Many individuals find that they have issues setting limits in various relationships they have in their personal, professional, or social settings.  They are unable to set boundaries that will protect their interests. There are so many men and women who need assistance with learning how to address these issues in an appropriate manner. 

     Some individuals appear to have a split personality because they attempt to be all things to all people.  They do not clearly delineate their identity which is composed of their likes, dislikes, desires, motivations, and tolerance levels. These individuals have a specific personality type that drives them to be "people-pleasers" who will find themselves changing with the wind.  They may find themselves as being looked upon by more dominant personalities as "door-mats" who are easily manipulated because they never make it known that they have limitations to what they are willing to do for other people. Everyone must learn that it is important to set boundaries in order for others to understand who they are and how far they can go in their requests or behavior towards them.  This can be a daring thing for the "people-pleaser" since it requires for them to ultimately put their foot down, say "No", and set the record straight as to their boundaries. Those who are accustomed to getting what they want from this personality type may become upset when the boundary lines are set and question the individual in a manner such as, "How dare you!" 

The personality type described can be described as the "compliant personality" because the desires, needs, or demands of others are what drives their decision making process.  Individuals with this personality type often tends to try to minimize any differences he/she may have with others in order to blend in with those who have a more dominant personality type. These individuals have a very hard time acknowledging or even refusing disruptive or problematic behavior and/or confront that behavior. They often take on too many responsibilities or set limited to no boundaries in their lives out of fear. The "Compliant Personality" can change how they are perceived and the cycle they have created by overcoming their fears. Once those fears are acknowledged and addressed, the individual can begin to evaluate their relationships and set the proper boundaries in their life that will make them happy.

To learn more about the fears of this personality type and to learn how other personality types deal with the issues of boundaries in their lives, check out "How Dare You...Dare to Be YOU!".

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Battle of the Bulge Highlight: Mo'Nique Talks About Her Enlightment and The Need to Focus on Health Issues

In this video, Mo'Nique discusses key issues that are relevant to the discussion of "The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind".  Learn how she gained insight into the various issues that are affecting young women who are pursuing success yet neglecting their health.

For more information on "The Battle of the Bulge Begins in the Mind", go to

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Academic Research Solutions : What is the 'Stiletto Network'?

Academic Research Solutions : What is the 'Stiletto Network'?:        Yesterday, I was passing by the business section of Barnes and Nobles when I saw a book that caught my attention. “ Stiletto Net...

What is the 'Stiletto Network'?


   Yesterday, I was passing by the business section of Barnes and Nobles when I saw a book that caught my attention. “Stiletto Network” is a book, that was housed in the business section, with the cover decorated with the legs of women in stiletto high-heel shoes. Now, those who have seen me traveling recently know that the design of my suitcase and traveling bag is a cascade of shoes.  My love of shoes prompted me to further investigate. Curiosity got the best of me as I posed my first question,“What is the ‘Stiletto Network’?” My next thought was that it looked out of place next to books covered with businessmen in business suits.

     My investigation into the meaning of the title revealed “Stiletto Networks” are groups formed by professional and influential women.  The women, who are representative of different industries, work together to promote the interests of their members.  As the writer describes, “Stiletto Networks are not about titles…[they] are about trying to make your own personal dent in the world”. The titles of these groups: the “Harpies”, “Babes in Boyland” and “Chicks in Charge”, amuses me as they communicate how these women are overcoming the gender barriers that exists in their industries.  The more I read the introduction, the more I came to understand that the very same group that I previously advertised (DEBOW) could be categorized as a “Stiletto Network”.

These groups are networking opportunities that provide women the opportunity to use their collective intelligence and expertise from different industries to uplift and motivate one another. They gather together in a relaxed environment to celebrate accomplishments,discuss relevant issues, and compare notes. These ladies leave these gatherings motivated to put into action what they have learned or motivated to overcome challenges that they are facing. Some of the ways these networks help their members is through, “…the provision of information, an introduction, a recommendation, a partnership, or through the provision of a landmark deal”. Many prominent women are part of these networks, and they have attributed some of the victories they experienced to their friends.

     After reading the introduction, I had to purchase the book. I personally enjoy the opportunity to develop, uplift, or motivate other women in their pursuit of their dreams. I am interested in learning of ways that these executives and influential women have done the same. I say enough with all the negative stories of those who have the “crab barrel” mentality and hate to see another woman become successful. It is time for us to pull each other up and develop that “Stiletto Network” that can open doors in the lives of others.

     I suggest that every woman become a part of one of these organizations.  Isolation never cause anyone to be successful, it is the power in numbers that empowers the members of a group to be successful.

As I continue to read chapters from this book, I will be posting my thoughts for the interested reader. We can all benefit from the wisdom gathered by this writer as many of us pursue professional development in our areas of interest.

To purchase this book, click here.

For more information about Donetta Quinones or Academic Research Solutions, click here.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Destiny Entrepreneurs & Business Owning Women (DEBOW)

As a woman who is a new business owner, it can be intimidating because there is so much to learn and so much to do to be successful in this economy. I recently attended a S.O.A.R conference hosted by Aya Eneli International. The conference had empowering keynote speakers that provided valuable information for those who are interested in achieving their next level of success.

Directly after leaving the conference, I attended a Destiny Entrepreneurs & Business Owning Women (DEBOW) meeting. DEBOW is a business ministry in Destiny World Outreach Center. This ministry has a network of motivated women who encourages one another in their pursuits. I felt empowered to be in the company of these women as we all shared valuable information and resources that are available for our continued success.  I met several inspiring established business owners who were encouraging as they shared about their success. There are those who are in the development phase of their business or organization and demonstrated a passion for their industry. Some aspiring business owners and organizational leaders were in attendance as they shared their desire to open successful businesses or non-profit organizations. 

There are so many benefits to participating in DEBOW. Business and organizational leaders work together as ambassadors to each other's company or organization by mutually promoting and supporting one another. Training opportunities are made available during meetings to help members to become more effective and efficient in business networking. Members also receive opportunities to fellowship and participate in outreach while receiving business support, encouragement, prayer support, and marketing opportunities.

To learn more about how DEBOW can benefit you, please check out one the meetings.