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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Consciously Choosing Your Own Demise?

If you had the chance to prevent your own personal development of a life threatening disease, would you take advantage of the opportunity? 

The response to this question by many may very well be, “Of course I would”. The question seems to be simple; however, thousands of men and women make conscious decisions that challenge the advice of medical professionals and members of the scientific community. The challenge comes in the form of not making quality decisions that will improve their overall health.

Why do people make conscious choices make unhealthy decisions that will ultimately lead to their own demise?

I remember reading a blog post by well-known actor/screenwriter Tyler Perry after the passing of his mother. He disclosed that his mother knew that she developed type 2 diabetes. She was aware of the opportunities to reverse the effects of this disease through changes in diet and exercise. She did not make the necessary lifestyle changes although her loved ones advised her of the need to do so. She ultimately passed due to complications that stemmed from the disease. Many individuals can relate to this story as they remember loved ones who were in a similar predicament.

There are those who are in a state of denial of the imminent health risks they are facing when they do not follow the advice of members of the scientific community. To many, the ability to improve their health is a mental stronghold that is not easy to overcome. It becomes a battle to improve their health that will have to begin in their mind as they come to terms with the reality of their situation. It is a daily battle to make quality decisions that will lead to improving their overall health.

There are many options available for those who are struggling with these decisions. Mental Health professionals can assist with understanding behavioral patterns that can assist in making necessary changes to improve health. Support groups are another option that will help individuals to face the challenges of changing unhealthy behavioral patterns. A noteworthy alternative would be to find someone who can relate to the struggle. All of these options can enable the individual to become empowered to make the necessary changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

It is important for these individuals to realize that they are not alone. There are others who have made conscious choices to change their lifestyle in order to save their life. These individuals need to know they have the capability to make the same decision. They need to know that they can become equipped with the tools needed to overcome their fight, and they are not alone in their efforts.

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