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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Academic Research Solutions : Real Growth Requires Commitment!

Academic Research Solutions : Real Growth Requires Commitment!: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a futu...

Real Growth Requires Commitment!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


Every individual is given resources that can help them to build a successful life.  It is the ineffective use of those resources that creates a problem for an individual who does not know how to access or use the tools that are available to them. We all must develop the necessary skills to effectively use the resources that are available to us. This is accomplished through a journey of self-discovery that will ultimately lead to the removal of barriers, the development of a positive self-image, and the ability to achieve success in every area of life.
We should never be stagnant in life but always moving
forward attempting to achieve our next level of success. If you are not experiencing the success that you desire in life, attempting to understand the reason you are experiencing barriers to getting to that next level in your life can be frustrating. When comparing what is going on in your life right now and your ideal situation, what is confining you and causing you to go around in circles, digging a deeper pit for yourself. The answer to that question takes self-exploration, development, and support. It requires an investment of time and effort to learn how to overcome what is hindering you and you are worth it!
     Many individuals are more willing to spend their time, efforts, and financial resources to promote an image of success and prosperity. That image is a smoke screen that will eventually fade to reveal the true nature of a problem. Have you
ever been on a job with a co-worker who lacked the necessary skill set to perform their job well? They were able to land the position through their presentation; however, they lacked the character or skill set to excel on the team. Have you dated an individual who appeared to be the perfect match but their true nature was later revealed to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing? They had the appearance of having it all together but lacked the character needed to sustain a healthy relationship. The image that is seen by the world should be a demonstration of the investment an individual has made into their academic, personal, professional, and spiritual development. When you spend the time and effort, everyone around you will reap the benefits!
     Our services provide you with information and support you need to transform your circumstances and become further developed in your abilities. Our desire is to assist you in solving the problem you are facing in transforming your life and reaching your full potential. We will help guide you in examining and using the resources that are available to you. This will help you to move forward in achieving your goals. Contact us to receive a personal consultation.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Academic Research Solutions at Fort Hood Army Wives Expo

On March 16th, I participated in the Fort Hood Army Wives (FHAW) Expo at the Killeen Civic Center. I was so excited because this was my first opportunity to showcase our services at a public event. I was even more excited by the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from the military community who were innovative and supportive of our soldiers.  I will be writing about some of those individuals in the future because some of you may be interested in pursuing a career in the business or want information about the services that are being offered.

During the process of getting ready for this event, there is one theme that I heard among individuals who were interested in participating or who were part of a business that did not participate in the event. That theme is "competition that brings conflict".  There are some franchise businesses who have several representatives who are so competitive for business that they bash their fellow representatives or attempt to sabotage their entrepreneurial efforts.  I find that to be problem because I believe that there is enough business opportunities for everyone who is willing to put forth the effort. The individual who takes their business seriously and who is willing to go through the process of personal and professional development will always be successful. If those negative efforts were turned around as motivators to becoming the best within the franchise, there would be a level of confidence produced that would supersede the need to bash or sabotage the competition.

Becoming confident sales men and women brings about the whole concept behind Academic Research Solutions. We believe that it is important for an individual to become well-rounded by pursuing further development in their mind, body, soul, and spirit. All of these elements overlap to empower an individual to succeed.  It is a concept that is very basic in nature however it is often overlooked in practice.  An individual can put forth the image of having it all together; however, they can lack certain elements that can hinder their ability to reaching their full potential. Confidence comes from within and it is a product of various areas of development. Individuals who go through a process of training become confident that they are knowledgeable and equipped to perform.

Unfortunately, the individuals who felt the need to negatively compete with their fellow entrepreneurs. They essentially lacked confidence in themselves and their product.  Many of these cases involved individuals who were unequipped to sell their product.  They were incapable of demonstrating what they had to offer to a potential customer as a salesperson who is providing a product or performing a service.

Now, let me say a little competition can be helpful because it can be a motivating force that can cause an individual or company to evolve. This is healthy and keeps the individual or entity in a proactive state of development. IBM and Apple participate in a healthy competition that causes them to always think of innovative things to do to further develop their products and services.  There is no need for them to bash each other or sabotage each other's efforts because they are confident in what their company has to offer to the consumer.

Well, I'll get off my soapbox for now....until the next time!

Long Time No See...Where've You Been My Friend

It has been awhile since I posted on the blog however the blog has not left my mind. I have been thinking of so many things to write however I never had the time to type them up. I was in Miami in January for a residency with Walden University and it was very enlightening as always. Students coming from literally all over the world from different backgrounds and realms of influence.  It is an awesome opportunity to be built up as a professional psychologist however it is an even better opportunity to network with other professionals who are working towards their doctorates in various specialties.  I am looking forward to my last residency that will take place in Houston, Texas however before that happens, I go to the Southwest Psychological Association Conference in April. I know that this will be an excellent learning and networking opportunity as well.

Academic Research Solutions is all about academic, personal, professional, and spiritual development and by participating in these events, it affords us the opportunity to gather information to disseminate to the general public. Many times professional associations have these events that are very informative for the professional attendees however there is valuable information that can help the general public as well. Our goal is to bring forth this information so that the general public can be made aware of what is going on behind the scenes in the mental health community.

In addition to attending residencies, preparing for conferences, and networking, I have been working on my new website.  I will be providing more information about the new website in another post, it is still a work in progress.

Well, I just wanted to show that I'm still around and doing what I can to make things happen!

God Bless!